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Bunny Battle, BVW Festival Round

Bunny Battle is a two-player kinect based game where the players have to jump as frequent as possible on a trampoline to drive the bunny avatar forward in a racetrack that begins in a grassland terrain. The player's jump is mapped to the bunny's hop forward in the game. The player's will have the opportunity to collect carrot powerups along the way. The race ends when either of the two bunnies reach the village with a end flag. So, the goal is to just jump and have fun! 

Role : Sound Designer & Programmer

I worked on the crucial part of mapping the Player's jump to the bunny's hop. The code was written in C# in Unity. The main challenge I faced was :

The initial base project we started out with had Kinect interfaced with Unity where a human avatar exactly mimics the player but our aim was to have a bunny avatar mimic the player as well as hop forward when the player jumps. 

The mimicing was achieved by creating a humanoid rig for the bunny avatar and replacing the human avatar with the bunny avatar in Unity. 

Adding the hop correspond to the jump feature was achieved by

   1. Stopping the mimic code when jump detected

   2. Setting appropriate flags to signal jump detected

   3. Adding force to the bunny avatar is the correct angle to create a projectile hop

   4. Returning control to mimic function 

I also ensured that the mimic did not completely stop while jumping by separating the hand joint movements from the jump detection. In addition, i also worked on image capture using Kinect to achieve the goal of capturing the player's jumping together during the game.

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