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CozmoRun, BVW Fun Round

A two player game where each player controls the two thief cozmos to navigate the maze and deliver the marker cubes on the opposite end without being noticed by the police cozmo using a PS4 controller. The player looses if the police cozmo notices the thief cozmo. The player wins if he/she is the first one to deliver all the cubes to the other side without getting noticed.

Role : Programmer

The team of 5 set out to prototype 1 mini game each and decided to choose the ones which went well together and satisfied the overall aim i.e 'to create a FUN game'.

I developed a mini game where the Cozmo displays a random number and the player taps the marker cube that is lit green if the number displayed is even and red lit cube if the number is odd.

The challenges I faced were : 

    1. The rate at which cozmo's random number changed in the LCD face was too slow to be challenging since the display in the face was flushed and redrawn every time a new random number was generated

    2. It was not possible to animate the cozmo as well as change the display of its LCD face at the same time despite using multithreading since both the actions contented for the display of the LCD face

Eventually, we included a faster variation of a cube tapping game and interfaced PS4 to control the cozmo. I achieved the integration of the two parts by developing a simple Client Server in python. The client server overlay also solved the problem of co-ordinating the three cozmos employed simultaneously in the world. 

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